Saturday, May 14, 2011

Overcoming Low College Entrance Scores and Getting Accepted!

Do you have low TOEFL or IELTS for international students as well as in GRE or GMAT scores?  Did you barely make the minimum requirements?  This is a serious but it is not the end, if you perform above others with higher scores you can still get in over those with better scores.  The key is your experience and the quality of your other requirements. 

All forms must be filled out perfectly, your writing requirements must be perfect, and you must work extra hard to bubble yourself to the top of the list above those with better scores but worse additional documentation.  In our experience it is not always the higher scores that win out. It is how persuasively you present your academic, professional, or personal background to outshine other applicants that can make the difference.

Knowing little details for each school committee and following their requirements perfectly can go a long way.  You can research each committee on your own or use a professional to help you, just do not give up on your dream college because you have barely qualifying scores.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

1. Enhance your Chances of College Admission while You Wait [Video]

Planning to apply to graduate school for the fall term? You must start your application around September and target to apply for early admission by December to January to improve your chances for financial aid or scholarship consideration. To improve your chances, don’t stop after you apply!

After completing your application, do you think that all you can do is wait for the graduate school admissions board decision? We says absolutely not! Come on! You can do more than just wait! While the college admissions committee is reviewing your credentials, participate in new activities related to your proposed program of study like:
·       research projects,
·       internships,
·       volunteer programs,
·       and many other things that can enhance your value to the college admission board
so after one or two months of “waiting”, you can update the committee on what you were doing.

Don’t waste your time and work hard to enhance your chances of college admission! Don’t just sit around waiting; be proactive to lock your admission by providing an update of your activities to the college admission committee.  After you have enhanced your skills you will need to write to the committee and update letter that tells them how serious you are how much you have tried over other graduate school applicants!  If you need help with this concise yet powerful letter, we can help contact us right away for your free consultation!

What have you done to enhance your chances to college admission?

Contact to let us guide you through the difficult college application process and give you an edge over students that do not use professional services.

Monday, September 20, 2010



Contact to let us guide you through the difficult college application process and give you an edge over students that do not use professional services.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turning in a Perfect College Admission Application

You know the saying “God is in the details”?  This quote could not be more applicable to a college admission application. When you have 30000 applications for 3000 seats, the first thing that weeds you out is poorly or incorrectly filled out college applications.

So do read it carefully, for example simple mistakes can be like when they ask you what county you live in and you fill in USA.  There are many little details in the college application form that can make you look bad if you do not read carefully.

Beyond the application itself comes the things that makes you or breaks you!  Most colleges require a college entrance essay, a college student resume, a college letter of recommendation and a college student personal statement.  These need to not only be grammatically correct but show who you really are to the college admission committee and convince them that you are someone they should not only want but covet.

The writing portion of the college admission application is the toughest portion even for native English speakers so for foreign students they can be a nightmare and the biggest reason for why they are not chosen.  College students that study abroad have special challenges when applying for college in the United States or other English speaking countries.  Luckily there are agencies such that can help!

How does a college writing consultant help?  Well even though it is decidedly an extra expense to hire these consultants they save you a great deal of time and research by organizing and guiding you.  The college writing professionals in these agencies can guide you through writing your college entrance essay, college student resume, college letter of recommendation and college student personal statement.  With their vast experience, after reading the information you provide about yourself, they can create a model essay, resume, letter of recommendation and personal statements that highlight your strengths and have information the college is looking to see.

These model college admission documents are not to be used as is but when writing your own they save you a great deal of time and show you with their example a good way to organize your thoughts and help you understand how you should present yourself in a positive light to the college.  By guiding you every step of the way they help increase your confidence and give you an edge over study abroad students that do not use them.

The college admission application process can be intimidating and daunting particularly for foreign students.  After having to deal with visas, arranging for lodging and transportation, leaving your support system behind, to have to deal with these documents, each one different for each university—the college application process can be overwhelming.  Luckily, there is help in the form of agencies that are there to assist you and guide you along to getting a college acceptance letter!