Saturday, May 14, 2011

Overcoming Low College Entrance Scores and Getting Accepted!

Do you have low TOEFL or IELTS for international students as well as in GRE or GMAT scores?  Did you barely make the minimum requirements?  This is a serious but it is not the end, if you perform above others with higher scores you can still get in over those with better scores.  The key is your experience and the quality of your other requirements. 

All forms must be filled out perfectly, your writing requirements must be perfect, and you must work extra hard to bubble yourself to the top of the list above those with better scores but worse additional documentation.  In our experience it is not always the higher scores that win out. It is how persuasively you present your academic, professional, or personal background to outshine other applicants that can make the difference.

Knowing little details for each school committee and following their requirements perfectly can go a long way.  You can research each committee on your own or use a professional to help you, just do not give up on your dream college because you have barely qualifying scores.

Contact to let us guide you through the difficult college application process and give you an edge over students that do not use professional services.